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...even if you've found some success but struggle with consistency.

...even if you have a routine you like but want to optimize it for your goals.

What if I told you...mornings will be your favorite and

most productive time of the day?

Inside this course, there is the exact blueprint to nailing your mornings every single day, just like everyone you have ever looked up to does...Some include:


Chapter 2) OBSTACLES (8 Videos)

Chapter 3) MY ROUTINE & WHY IT WORKS (10 Videos)

Chapter 4) MOVEMENT (4 Videos)

Chapter 5) MINDSET (4 Videos)

Chapter 6) JOURNALING (5 Videos)




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If you don't know me, I'm Matthew Vincent.


Matt Vincent started NDY Life in 2021 to inspire and equip others to eliminate their bullshit and live the rest of their lives to the fullest. Before starting this community, Matt founded several successful businesses, retired as a 2x Highland Games World Champion, created the NDY Podcast, and traveled the globe. Not to mention after 9 knee surgeries and a total knee replacement, he continues to compete in ultra distance running and cycling.

When competitive athletics ended, he started on a journey to redefine his identity of self. Through that practice and journey, he went from feeling lost and desperate in life to being free, confident, financially independent, and clear on exactly what he wanted in life.

Matt strives to be the best him in every way: mentally, physically, and emotionally. Being ready for all the stress life can throw at you is critical for a happy and purpose driven life.

Finding clear direction for what actions to take next is what allows for confident consistent action to be taken.

The life you want will never be given to you or awarded.

You have to choose to create it.

Through NDY Life, Matt is teaching others how to let go of what was and to instead focus on what's ahead. Don't waste time building the life you want, you're NOT DEAD YET.

I'm here to change your life and give you the tools to guarantee you're at your best every day.

I found the benefit of a Morning Routine when I was competing in Highland games. I found a systematic way to feel and perform at my best when I needed to. But after my career ended due to injury, I was truly lost, and without the ability to train or compete, I was just floating through life.

Then it occurred to me, WHAT IF I put as much effort in to self-development and my life goals as I did competing? This is when everything changed for me. Business grew, relationships flourished, and I felt completely back in control of my life.

I struggled with my mindset. I was looking at others thinking "That must be nice" and stuck wondering when my turn at happiness and success would come?

I struggled with discipline to do the things that I know I need to do.

I struggled with the bullshit excuses and limitations I had created for myself.

That was until I figured out this simple system of making sure I show up as my absolute best self, day in and day out...and it all started with changing how I handled those first moments awake in the morning.

Developing a morning routine:

Taking Action 1st

  • You build bulletproof self confidence

  • No more indecision

  • More energy throughout the day

Building Consistency

  • Unlock the recipe to progress

  • Create trust in the process

  • Develop discipline

Reach your goals faster

  • Sharpen your focus for the day

  • Start your day in good mood. A better feeling you gets more done every day

  • You're on the offensive for creating life you want, instead of just reacting to the things life throws at you

Don't just take my word for it, here's Josh's story...

"Wake up, scroll through my phone, punish myself with cardio, eat breakfast while watching TV." My morning routine’s purpose used to be distraction. 

I lied to myself that because I was going for a run first thing, that I was winning the morning and setting myself up for success.  I ignored the aches and pain, I ignored the stress, I ignored every sign that my mind and body was giving me. 

Once I started working with Matt, that changed.  I learned how to start each day with intention and set myself up for success.


It began with asking questions around how I felt both mentally and physically.


I started asking if each step of the “routine” was helping me further my goals, helping set myself up to perform my best, or was it a distraction from how I felt physically or how I felt mentally?

Matt helped me to stop overthinking and overcome the fear of changing the routine.


I started implementing one thing at a time, gauging whether or not it was helpful or impactful and then either cementing it or discarding it.


Next thing I knew, my morning routine had transformed itself from this series of events set up to help keep me disconnected to this 30-90 minute process that allows time for reflection and makes sure I am set up to truly perform my best each day."


"Every morning I used to struggle getting out of bed and

wanting to start my day.

Typically, I would hit the snooze button multiple times, sprint out of bed, brush my teeth, let the dog out, then rush to work barely making it on time. I was always tired, did not have focus and would start my day rushing around being very reactive in my day.

I was sick and tired of feeling this way, so I started to follow a morning routine. Having a morning routine has and still does have tremendous effects in my life. I learned how to control my mornings and set the tone for my day. I learned how to be proactive vs reactive. Setting the tone for the day in the right headspace mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Fast forward 18 months and my life has gotten so much better from having a routine. Mentally knowing I am excited to get out of bed and ready to attack my day. Emotionally, knowing I can process what the day will have for me. Spiritually, waking up expressing gratitude and feeling connected. Physically, getting some movement in and having so much more energy throughout my day.

From zero excitement in the morning to looking forward to it every day. Morning routine is crucial to my success."


A morning routine is something I've wanted to integrate into my life for a very long time. It’s taken a lot of trial and error and I don’t know how many times I’ve quit after just a day or two, but I feel like I have built a solid base where I can keep modifying it as time passes.

My sleeping habits have been terrible for some time; consequently, my mornings consisted of setting 5-6 alarms and hitting snooze countless times until finally I’d get up, groggy and grumpy from the poor sleep and horrible sensation caused by dozing off and being woken up by an alarm every couple of minutes for about an hour. By now I would be rushing, chugging caffeine, and my anxiety would be through the roof. Doing things this way meant that I wouldn’t be productive and at my best till sometime between 11am-1pm.

I’ve had a lot of the external “disciplinary” habits established for some time. These are the things that keep my body fueled and feeling good. I take care of my nutrition and exercise regularly. My job keeps me busy and happy and facilitates professional growth. I have side hustles, hobbies and interests. None of those things really take care of the mind, my thoughts and emotions are a constant source of frustration and anxiety. My mind would race at 1,000 mph with zero regulation of ways to filter out what is useful and what isn’t. Rather than allow time to dive into thought and into my mind, I would find distractions to simply keep me busy and distract me.

These last few months I have been dealing with a lot of emotions and am learning to regulate them. I finally picked up journaling after years of attempting. This allowed for some of the chatter in my mind to quiet down. I began to see patterns in the things I was writing and my thoughts became more clear. I was also able to determine which thoughts actually were valid and which weren’t, and therefore prepare myself to act accordingly. By coincidence I would most often journal in the morning as I drank my coffee, on the days I actually woke up in time. Making sure I woke up with time to do things became more and more important if I was going to accomplish anything during the day. I began leaving my curtains open so that I am able to wake up with the sun rather than an alarm screaming at me. I am very good at sleeping, I can roll over and sleep with the sun in my face, so instead of giving myself the option I just bounce out of bed, put on some gym shorts, a hat, hit the start button on the coffee make and walk out the door. I know sunshine and movement first thing are extremely beneficial and this way I get both, but I also interrupt my lazy behavior and am forcing myself to move. The walk I take takes about 25 minutes, so when I leave, I am practically still asleep, but when I get back home, I am wide awake. Also the coffee is ready. A quick shower then I can journal and drink my coffee.

By now, I have walked and showered and am dressed and ready, where in the past I would have still been hitting that snooze button. So far - the walk and shower and journaling take about 40 minutes all together. It actually frees up a lot of time which allows me to fill my morning with a few more things that don’t take long. I have a small altar and burn sage and meditate for about ten minutes, spend some time in gratitude, affirmations and manifestation, throw in some breath work and an oracle deck and there's my morning. What this does for me is that it grounds me, it puts me in the present moment and the ritualistic aspect of it gives me comfort and slows me down. This whole thing, from the time I open my eyes takes me about 1 hr.

Each of these actions on their own have a meaningful impact on my mind, but putting them together back-to-back has been very powerful for me. It's about intentionally looking inward and quieting the world around you, to actually take the time to listen to, not silence, the voice within. It’s best for me to do this in the morning because there are too many variables throughout the day and I am more likely to skip out on things if I tried to commit to doing them at a different time, but doing them in the morning really prepares me to be at my best the remainder of the day. It allows me to feel more in control of myself and more at peace with what I can’t control.

Time was a huge concern for me, thinking that it would take me hours to get my morning ritual done. I imagined waking up at 4 am and having it take me 3 hours. In reality, one thing led to another and it actually gave me MORE time in the morning where I am able to actually make the best use of my time. Figuring out a way to wake up quickly and efficiently was the biggest game changer for me, after that it became about implementing other things I have learned along the way that have helped me one way or another. If I had a home gym, or a cold plunge, I would add that to my routine, but until that happens, what I am doing now works for me. Another thing that may seem overwhelming would be to do all of these things from the start, I definitely didn’t. I added things as I found the time and desire for them. It's all trial and error and will be a constantly evolving thing depending on your own needs. You gotta find what works for you.


Doing it on your own is possible...but it also takes 10x as long.

When you choose the World Champion Morning Routine Course:

  • You will realize in these 8 weeks that with this recipe and shifting focus, you can accomplish any goal faster and with a better mindset than ever before

  • You learn how to slow down anxiety and regain focus on the task at hand

  • Your mindset shifts to a more passive place of abundance because the actions your taking align with your purpose and goals

  • You understand a step-by-step, actionable approach to setting yourself up for a great day, every day

  • You'll have the ability to perform at your best in any circumstance


If you go through this course and put in the work and your life doesn't improve for the better, I'll happily refund you. I spent the last 5 years optimizing and creating this plan.

I have no doubt that if you show up and do the work, your life will forever be changed and you will have the tools to create any life you dream of.

PPS...You made it this far--I know you're serious

So why would you put it off?

Why would you waste any more time screwing up your mornings?

Why keep pressing snooze on that better version of yourself?

Why wake up every day feeling low, and behind?

Why not take a leap and do something about it, TODAY.

Now it's time.

Tackle your mornings like a World Champion.

What can I expect once I sign up?

Once you sign up, you will receive immediate access to the first Chapter of the course. Each week, a new Chapter will become available. These Chapters were carefully and thoughtfully created to build upon one another, ensuring by the end of the course you emerge a new person. You will also have access to our private group for added accountability and further support as you undertake this new change.

How long does this take each day?

We will start at just 30 minutes, and work our way up to an hour of your morning over the course of 8 weeks.

You'll also be taught ways to scale this to ANY time constraint you may have.

Does this require any extra equipment?

No. All you need is yourself and a willingness to show up every day.

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